Leave Calendar Office 365 Integration

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Alasdair MacNeill
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Talexio HR allows the user to integration their Office 365 account to their Talexio account, to view Leave requests made on the Talexio Leave calendar and the request status.

Configuring Office365 integration by the client's IT team

Step 1: Registering the application in Azure

Register an application from Azure Active Directory / Applications using your domain instead of {your-hr-url}. Use the web redirect URL - https://{your-hr-url}/dashboard



Step 2: Take note of application details

Take note of the below details for the application you just registered. You need the Application (client) ID and the Tenant ID.

You also need to create an application secret from “Certificates & Secrets”.

Step 3: Enable Implicit Grant

Enable Implicit Grant Flow from the Authentication section:

  • Access tokens
  • ID tokens

Step 4: Configure application permissions

You will need to next configure the application permissions in Azure by adding the following permissions to the App.

  • User.read
  • Mail.read
  • Calendars.Read
  • Calendars.ReadWrite

Step 5: Configuring Talexio HR

An admin needs to login into the Talexio HR platform and go to the Settings page and click on the Integration tab. You need to add the details from Step 2 into their respective fields in the Office365 Calendar pod and click save.

This will enable the Office365 integration for all your users.

Setting up Office365 integration by the user

Once the above steps are done, each user who wishes to link their office365 calendar with Talexio would need to enable it from Dashboard > Third Party Tokens > Connect Your Office365 Calendar.

Third Party Tokens 365.jpg

After this has been completed, their leave will be automatically synced every 30 minutes. All future leave and leave of the past 7 days will be synced.

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