Release notes 25/05/2023

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25th May 2023

⚡ Here’s what’s new with Sprint 7


✈️ Leave

  • A new tab “Leave balances” has been introduced to the Leave module. Managers are now able to see the leave balances without the need to generate a report. The new view allows filtering and reviewing the balances from one section. This also includes information about people who may have taken unpaid leave while they still have entitlement; allowing for faster corrections whenever necessary.




⏲️ Time and Attendance

  • We have now added the total amount of clocked hours to the clockings page. This is available to all employees based on their existing permissions. 
  • The Publish/Unpublish/Clear function in the Scheduler has been optimised to support larger bulk jobs.
  • Pro-rated shift allowances have been tweaked to respect any rounded clocking rules.



🎓 Training

  • Self-paced training is here! A whole range of new features is now available to all our existing subscribers of the training management module. Stay tuned for videos and guides in the coming days with more detail on this new addon.



💶 Payroll

  • We have upgraded the interface for generating FS5s. It is now easier to search and link payrolls to specific months. 

  • We have improved how leave information is linked to a payroll. With this change, Talexio payroll users will notice a significant speed improvement, especially for payrolls containing a large volume of employees.
  • When generating Leave Reports from the payroll section, you will now get just the leave entries which are related to the specific payroll you requested.




  • We have introduced a tablet-based online punch clock; allowing your team to punch in and out from a common shared tablet device.



📖 Helpful Articles

Each month we take a look back at some of the common queries to highlight some of our articles that you might find useful: 





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