Working Schedule Needs

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Working schedule needs can be set to ensure that a certain number of shifts are covered at each location depending on the required position. If the minimum required number of shifts is not met, a warning should be displayed to alert the users.



In order to access this new setting and be able to assign such rules the Manage Time and Attendance permission is required. Once assigned, the notification in Scheduler will be visible to users that have the Manage T&A schedule permission.


Setting up a Working Schedule Need

Once the correct permissions are assigned, when visiting the Time & Attendance section, a new tab will be available titled Working Schedule Needs. Click on Add rule to start assigning your company's working schedule needs.


A dialog will appear on your screen, this will allow you to set your requested rule.

Assign the required number, job position and location. Also specify which days this rule will apply.

rule 1.png

Also specify which days this rule will apply.

rule 2.png

You can also assign a specific time for such rules.

rule 3.png

When your requirements are assigned, click on SAVE to save your working schedule need.


How it works

Talexio users with the Manage T&A working schedules permission will now see a warning that complies to the new assigned need.

rule 4.gif