Release notes 04/12/2023

Daniel Galea St John
Daniel Galea St John
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Release highlights

💸 Leave entitlements and Public holidays for 2024 and COLA rates have been added. For all end of year related processes, click here

⌚ Less automatic refreshes for faster loading of Scheduler.

📈 We have added a pre-defined competency list in Performance reviews.



🙆‍♀️ HR

  • We have introduced a more convenient Save all button when editing/updating employee personal details.



⏲️ Time & Attendance

  • We have improved how filters in Scheduler are applied and the information loads! A new Load working schedule button is now available offering T&A users full control and flexibility. This ensures a more interactive and user-centric experience, allowing individuals to tailor the filtering process according to their specific needs.



💵 Payroll

    • COLA rates for 2024 have been added. Talexio Payroll users can view and apply these rates by going to Settings -> Payroll -> COLA Adjustment. More information is available in this article.
    • We have introduced the option to pay off government bonuses and vacation leave payoff’s in bulk when adding employees to payroll:
    • We have added the option to mark single employee payroll warnings as resolved when finalising a payroll, this is optional. Payroll admins can also choose to hide the same warning for any future payrolls with the possibility to reverse this choice.
    • More warnings have also been added that will help payroll users during specific processes. These include:
      • A warning for unapproved T&A clockings. (This only applies for active T&A employees);
      • A warning when tax for employees added to payroll is €0.00.
    • Payslips accessed from employee documents can now be viewed without the need to download the file.

As from January 2024, we will be removing unnecessary rounding options in the FS5.



📈 Performance Management

  • We have added a large library of predefined competencies to our “Performance reviews” module. This will help companies standardise processes especially in collaborative environments.



📖 Helpful articles

Each month we take a look back at some of the common queries to highlight some of our articles that you might find useful:



📺 Webinars

Enhance your HR capabilities through our informative webinars on Performance and Training modules. Learn how to empower your team effectively.





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👋🏼 Until next time!

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