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Clocking reminders are helpful for talexio T&A users working on a shift schedule. When enabled, an automatic reminder will be sent by email to employees' and their managers when they have not punched in for their assigned shift.


To set up clocking reminders for employees the Manage settings permission is required.

Set up

To enable clocking reminders, go to Settings, scroll down to the Time and Attendance section and turn on the switch for Clocking reminder.




The employees' and the managers work email address is required.



For the manager to receive the notification, they would need to be assigned to the Reports to field in the employee position.




T&A needs to be enabled.




How it works

For clocking reminders to work, your employees need to have their work email included in their work profile.

When an employee misses a scheduled shift or forgets to punch in for their shift an automatic email notification will be sent to the employee and their manager to advise them.




If the employee does not check in for the assigned shift within a 1 hour period the email notification will be sent to both the employee and the manager.

Email sent to employees' - Reminder to clock in for your shift in Talexio.




Email sent to managers. - Christian yet to clock in for Wednesday, 24 January (09:00 - 14:00) shift.




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