Release notes 13/02/2024

Daniel Galea St John
Daniel Galea St John
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⚡ Release highlights

📩 Schedule payslips in advance. Say goodbye to working on weekends or public holidays to close payroll!
⌚ You can now edit shifts without going through the unpublish/publish flow each time.
🛫 A new email notification for leave approval reminders can be enabled from account settings.



🙆‍♀️ HR

  • The employee bulk upload process has been improved! This upload now supports the ability to upload multiple position information for the same employee. This makes our onboarding process and data management easier!
  • The organisational chart now includes the option to show and hide deleted units.



💵 Payroll

  • Payslip scheduling is here! Talexio payroll users can now set a date and time for payslip generation, and all payslips will be saved and sent automatically at your chosen date and time!

  • We have improved how position information errors load whilst performing the end of year process. Now the information is grouped instead of displayed individually per employee.



⌛ Time & Attendance

  • A new easy way to edit shifts has been introduced! Time and attendance users can now edit a shift instantly. This will increase efficiency and productivity as well as provide a better user experience. 
  • We have improved our clocking notification email! This now checks for any leave an employee has before sending the notification.



🛩️ Leave

  • We have added the possibility of always hiding any accrued leave balance. This balance will be automatically hidden for leave types set to accumulated only.


🆕 Announcements

  • Text being copied directly from third-party documents is now saved in the original format.



🔬 Change Requests/Leave Approval

  • A new email reminder to approve any pending leave can be set. The option is found in the Settings section and is only sent daily to users that have employees that report to them and are able to approve leave.


📖 Helpful articles

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📺 Webinars

Enhance your HR capabilities through our informative webinars on Performance and Training modules. Learn how to empower your team effectively.





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