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Benefits are adjustments that are given periodically as part of an employee's compensation package (for example, mobile allowance, travel allowance), or as ad-hoc adjustments to a particular payroll (for example, performance Bonus). These can be taxable or non-taxable.

Manual Updates

You can create the Benefits & Allowances manually, directly from the Settings section on Talexio.


Bulk Import Template

To upload Benefits & Allowances in bulk, you may do this through the Onboarding Assistant. Click on the 'download template' button. An excel spreadsheet will be downloaded. This will need to be filled out based on the benefits and allowances available within your company. To upload the template, simply save the file, go back to the Onboarding Assistant and select 'Upload'. 

The template features the following fields:

  • Benefit Name: this is the name of the benefit (such as mobile allowance) that will show in the employees’ payslip
  • Code: this is just a shortened version of the name, for example MOBALL 
  • Category: Fringe Benefits are to be classified as CAT1-3. Any other allowance falls under OTHER. You may also select share options.
  • Add to Gross: selecting this will add the benefit to the employee's gross pay in the payslip (as a separate item). Please note that this is only applicable to CAT2 and 3. This button needs to be on for the other categories. 
  • Pre-tax/post-tax: selecting pre-tax means that the benefit is taxable. Selecting post-tax means that the benefit is not subject to tax and is thus a net amount. 
  • Pro rata: selecting this option means that the benefit will be calculated pro rata. For example, in cases where an employee earning such benefit has unpaid leave, the benefit will be calculated pro rata with the unpaid leave considered. 
  • Enable this benefit for Allowance Requests: for more information on this, check out this article.

Example of template filled in:


Once these are set up, you may also link these Benefits & Allowances to the relevant employees through bulk import or within the employee Position History.

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