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When joining Talexio not from the beginning of the year, part of the onboarding process is to upload the FS3 data of employees related to the payroll data that has already been issued for the current year. The reason for this is to factor in the tax that was already paid in the current year, in order for the tax calculation on upcoming payrolls on Talexio, to be adjusted. Uploading this data will also result in all the information to show on the relevant employee's FS3 at the end of the year.

Manual Updates

To add the employee FS3 data manually, go to the employee Details section and scroll down. In the case where the company has moved to Talexio mid-year, you will need to fill out the section "Income from this company prior to the use of Talexio". Read instructions here. Please note that there is further information to be added by clicking the three dots on the right hand side.



Bulk Import Template

To upload employee FS3 data in bulk, you may do this through the Onboarding Assistant. Click on the 'download template' button. An excel spreadsheet will be downloaded. This will need to be filled out as per explanation below.

To upload the template, there are two options:

  1. Simply save the file, go back to the Onboarding Assistant and select 'Upload', or;
  2. Upload through the Payroll Module

In the template you will need to fill in the first three tabs. Here is a breakdown of the fields required within the data upload template for FS3 data.



PeriodFrom  Period covering the data in aggregate. Example if you are adding past data for January, February and March, the PeriodFrom and PeriodTo would be listed as 01/01/2024 - 31/03/2024. The first payroll on Talexio would then be created for April.
EmployeeCode  Employee code as listed on Talexio
GrossEmoluments  This includes the following income: basic amount + special rate amount + leave amount + overtime amount + pre-tax adjustments (excluding CATs) + leave payoffs +part-time excess of income as mentioned in GrossPTEmoluments
GrossPTEmoluments  Any part time income specifically for employees who pay 10% tax rate. The gross is capped at Eur10,000 per employee. Any gross excess is added to GrossEmoluments.
GrossOTEmoluments  Income classified under the Overtime tax of 15%. Any income relating to overtime which is taxed under standard tax rates should be listed under GrossEmoluments.
DirectorFees  Income classified as Director Fees
ShareOptions  Income coming from Share Options
TaxPaid  Tax paid on GrossEmoluments and Fringe Benefits + part-time tax excess of income as mentioned in PTTaxPaid
PTTaxPaid  Tax paid on GrossPTEmoluments (part time 10% tax rate), of which the income is capped at Eur10,000. 
SOTaxPaid  Tax paid on ShareOptions
OTTaxPaid  Tax paid on GrossOTEmoluments (overtime that is classified under the Overtime tax of 15%)
OTHours  Number of overtime hours relating to the overtime classified under the Overtime tax of 15%.
ExtraBonusHours  Any additional hours worked by part timers, over and above their fixed job schedule hours.
UnpaidLeaveHours  Any unpaid leave hours booked within the period covering the upload. Unpaid leave negatively impacts leave entitlement.
VOPSAmount  Income coming from the Pension Scheme
ERPensionAmount  Income coming from the Pension Scheme
TaxArrears Tax Arrears to be factored in


Benefit Data

EmployeeCode  Employee code as listed on Talexio
Category  Identify Fringe Benefit Category 1, Category 2, Category 3 or Share Options. Any Adjustments or Allowances received which are not officially classified as Fringe Benefits, should be included as part of Gross Emoluments
Amount Total amount of the fringe benefit received within the period of data upload


In the case of employees who are receiving a car cash allowance which is 50% taxable, you will be required to add two rows per employee to split the taxable and the non-taxable portions, given that this Fringe Benefit is taxable up to Eur1170. First add a row with the total amount (including taxable and non-taxable portions). Then add another row including only the non-taxable portion.


SSC Data

EmployeeCode  Employee code as listed on Talexio
WeeklyWage  Weekly wage as listed on the employee FS3. An employee can have more than one weekly wage especially in cases of salary changes or irregular schedules. In such cases, you can add more than one row per employee
Contributions  Number of weekly contributions. This value is not a Euro amount but a count of SSC contributions already paid. This number can not be larger than 52
Bracket  The SSC bracket that the employee falls in, based on their weekly wage. B2 refers to the 10% option; C1 and D1 refer to employees who were born before 1961
EmployeeSSC  The amount of SSC paid by the employee. This is a Euro amount.
EmployerSSC  The amount of SSC paid by the employer. This is a Euro amount.
MatFund  The amount of SSC paid by the employer. This is a Euro amount.
WithoutPayFrom  Date range of any unpaid leave duration within the period of data
WithoutPayNo Count of weeks that employee was without pay


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