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Employees are what make up your company. Employees are displayed in the People section of your Talexio account. This article will explain how individual employees can be created on Talexio.

A new employee profile can be created individually or else uploaded in bulk via the onboarding assistantPlease also note, an employee may be created without adding a Position History. All data can be edited at a later stage.


To add employees to Talexio, you will need the Create Employee permission (on global) and View/Manage All Employee Data. If you want to add an employee (including their position and salary details), you will also need the Manage Employment Position History permission. 

Creating the Employee 

  1. Go to the People section;
  2. Click on the +Add new employee button at the top right-hand side.
  3. Input employee details which are shown below and Save.
  4. Adding the position information will be the next part, but can be completed at a later stage if needed. 

The following fields are required to create a new profile: First Name, Last Name

The following details are required for payroll purposes: Personal Email Address, Address, Country, Payment Type, Tax Number, SSC Benefit Status, Tax Status

Employee Details

The different employee details that can be added are outlined here.

  • mceclip1.png

    Here, you can input the employee's name, surname, ID card number, nationality, etc.

  • residence.jpg

    Here, you can input the following information:

    • Personal email address (the email inputted in this field will be the address via which employees will receive their payslips and FS3s).
    • Residential address and phone details;
    • Languages which the employees are proficient in, and their level of proficiency;
    • Any emergency contacts and health information (such as food allergies).
  • Access Levels refer to the permission rights the employee will have. For more information about permissions and how to set them up, click here

    Checklists are to-do lists assigned to an employee. They can be onboarding tasks that the employee need to complete on commencement of their position with your company. For more on checklists, click here

  • mceclip4.png

    Here, you can input the following information:

    • Employment code: this is a unique code, chosen by you, that will help the system distinguish one employee from the other (especially in cases where employees have the same name and surname);
    • NI Number;
    • Work email address: in this field, you need to input the email address that employees will use to log into Talexio (if you will be granting them such access). Should employees have just one address, then this can be used in both the work email address field as well as in the personal email address field. 
    • Requires work permit;
    • Work permit renewal date;
    • Non-resident arrival date.
  • payroll.png

    This section can be filled in if you have the Payroll module enabled. The following information can be inputted:

    • Payment type: Direct credit refers to employees who will be paid by bank transfer. Manual refers to employees who will be paid by cheque or cash; 
    • Marital status: this refers to whether an employee is single, married, divorced, etc.; 
    • SSC benefit status: this refers to the sickness benefit status of the employee. You need to select whether an employee is single or married (as different rates apply according to this);
    • Tax status: whether the employee is taxed on the single, married, or parent rates;
    • Tax number: in the case of Maltese employees, this is the same as their ID card number. 
      • Financial details: if an employee is to be paid via bank transfer, you need to include his/her bank details here. You may add more than one bank account and divide the salary over multiple accounts (see the field Monthly amount);
      • Income from other employers (FS3s): here, you will need to put in the FS3 data of the employee from his previous employment prior to joining your company (this applies for the current payroll year only);
      • Income from this company prior to use of Talexio: in the case where you are moving from another payroll software to Talexio, you will need to put in the previous payroll data of your employees (who were with your company during the year) in here. This field is like the one before it, except that is made up of payroll earned with your company. For more information on previous payroll data, click here

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