Can I Book Leave in Bulk?

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If you have the Request leave permission then you will be able to book leave on Talexio. There are two types of bulk leave booking. The first is group booking. So if, for example, you wished you book leave for all your employees for a company shutdown, then you can make use of group leave. The second type is bulk leave uploads. For this, you can upload leave in bulk through our upload template. 


To book leave, you will need the Request Leave permission. 

If you are booking group leave, then all you will need is the Request Leave permission on those employees for whom you want to book leave.

If you are uploading leave in bulk, you will also need the Approve Leave permission on those employees for whom you want to book leave. Please note that this will automatically approve their leave without sending email notification to anyone for approval. 


Group Leave

To book group leave, you will need to go to the Leave section. From within the Leave Schedule, click on +Add Leave. From here, click on Add Group Leave:


From here, select the employees for whom you want to book the group leave. Please note that employees on an irregular/casual/non-fixed job schedule cannot have their leave booked in bulk and must be done individually. This is because their leave hours need to be inputted individually. 

After selecting the employees, add the leave dates and press Add Leave:


Upon doing so, the dialog will extend to give you more information on the leave dates. Select Book Leave. If other employees already have leave booked on these days, you will get a pop-up warning. If you still want to book the leave, press yes. 



The leave request will be sent for approval to the user who has the Approve Leave permission over these employees. 



Bulk uploading Leave

To upload leave in bulk, you will need both the Request Leave and Approve Leave permissions on the employees whose leave you want to book.

Go to the Leave section and click on Bulk Upload. Click on Upload Leave taken and download the template: 


Open the file and insert the data:



  • Employee Code: this is the unique code given to each employee profile on Talexio. The import template includes a tab with all the employee codes for your reference;
  • Leave Type: you will need to choose the relevant leave type. The import template includes a tab with all the leave types for your reference;
  • Date From and Date To: if you are booking a single day, the Date From and Date To must include the same date. The format must be dd/mm/yyyy; 
  • Time From and Time to: if you are booking full days, you will not need to input anything in these two fields. If you do, the format is hh:mm;
  • Pay Type: this determines whether the employee will be paid full, partially (half-pay), or not at all (unpaid) for the leave taken. The import template includes a tab with all the pay types for your reference;
  • Comment: this is an optional field where you can add a note about this particular leave entry. 

Once you have inputted the data, save the excel sheet and upload it to Talexio by going to the Leave Schedule, clicking on Bulk Upload, Upload Leave taken, and clicking upload file. 

Once uploaded, the leave will be approved automatically. 


Bulk Uploading more Leave than an employee is entitled to

Please note that if you upload more leave than an employee can take (as full pay), the bulk upload will overwrite the employee's balance and book all the leave as full pay. 

For example: an employee has 5 hours left.


The user uploads two 5-hour days of leave:



The employee's balance pod now displays a negative leave balance: