Can I delete an employee from the system?

Talexio Support
Talexio Support
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To delete an employee you must first have the permission “Delete Employee”. Read more about setting Permissions here.


Once the Permission is set:

  1. Go to the Employee list page
  2. Click the bin icon at the end of the row of the relevant employee.
  3. Click Confirm in the confirmation window.


You will not be allowed to delete an employee if:

  • You do not have the Permission to do so. 
  • The employee already has leave booked or is the employee’s data linked to the Payroll or Time & Attendance modules.


Note: Deleting an employee is different from Terminating an Employee.

Deleting is used when the account was created erroneously

Terminating is used when the employee is no longer an active employee of the company. Read more about Terminating employees.