Linking and Switching Between Multiple Talexio Accounts

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If you have access to more than one Talexio HR company account you can link your accounts so that you can log in to one account and move to another without needing to log out and log in to another account. This article will show how you can link the accounts together, and how to switch from one account to another.

Account linking can only be achieved when all accounts on the different domains have been activated. Please refer to our article explaining how you can invite employees to access their profile.

  • Follow the steps below to link your Talexio HR accounts
    1. Log in to your primary account
    2. Click on your name in the top right-hand corner and select Link Account


    3. Add the domain of your other account and add the credentials you use to sign in to the account that matches the domain. Then click Link


    4. To link more than one account, repeat these steps.
  • Once your accounts are linked, you can switch between these accounts by:
    1. Go to the top right hand side of your account
    2. Click on Change Account
    3. Select the relevant account and you will then be switched to the other account without needing to log in.


When the accounts have been linked, there may be a delay before the Change Account option is visible.

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