How can I see my booked leave?

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On your Talexio dashboard you will find two leave widgets. One will show you any upcoming leave (both leave not yet approved and leave which has been approved) and the other is leave balances widget. Click here for more information about your balance


  1. Permissions
  2. How to view booked leave


You will need the 'Request Leave' permission to book your leave. In such a case, you will see this button:


If you do not see this button, kindly contact your HR team. Information on how to book your leave can be found here

How to view booked leave

After logging in on Talexio, go to your Dashboard: 


  1. Click here to book leave;
  2. This pod includes your upcoming leave;
  3. This pod includes your leave balances

Click on Browse All Leave to view all the leave you have taken: 


Clicking here will open a new window with all your leave. If you are redirected to log in, it is important to click on the Remember me for 30 days button. Otherwise you will be re-directed to your dashboard again. 


Here, you may see a list of your leave (both pending and approved). You sort by date, status, type, etc.

The types of leave you see (Vacation, Sick leave, Maternity Leave, etc.) depends on the permissions you have. If you have additional permission to view the leave of other employees, you may filter the leave list by employee or department.

You can also view leave booked in Calendar format.