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One of the functions of the Leave Module is the Reports button. This button can be found in the Leave Schedule tab in the Leave section. The data contained within the reports can be filtered using the Leave Schedule filters, making your reports as specific as are needed. 


To generate leave reports, you will need the Request Leave permission (this permission needs to be set on global or at unit level - for more information on this, click here).

Leave Schedule Filters

Within the Leave Schedule, there are filters that can be used to filter the data shown on the calendar. 

Leave Filters.jpg

The toggles in the filters are more advanced than the Employee, Department, Position, Contracts, Leave Type & Countries filters:

  • Approved only - This will display only leave requests that have been approved. Any requests still pending will be hidden.
  • Leave which I can approve - This will display only leave requests where your permissions would allow approval of.
  • Managers only - This will display only leave requests of those who are set as In a Managerial position within their employment history.
  • Exclude employees without approved leave - This will display only employees who during the view period have leave that is approved.
  • Exclude terminated employees - This will display only employees who are currently employed.

As well as seeing the leave requests in a calendar format, you have the option to switch the view to a List format using the View filter.

Leave View.jpg

In the List View, you can extend your date range past the calendar months, so that if needed you can see leave requests over an extended period of time.

Leave List View.jpg


Types of Reports

The filters applied in the Leave Schedule will impact the reports you request from the Leave Module.
For example, if there is a filter on Department in the Leave Schedule, the reports generated will only give data relating to that department.

There are three types of reports which you will be able to download:

  • Totals by employee
  • Totals by unit
  • Full leave export

For each report, you will be able to filter by date. You will also be able to exclude employees who do not have approved leave from the report. This means that employees who have not booked leave within the period, as well as employees whose leave is still pending, will not appear in the report. If you want to download a report for all employees, untick the exclude option. This can be done for each of the three reports:


A toggle Show remaining balance for the whole year can be switched off. Whilst this is on (it is on by default), the report will show each employee's remaining leave balance till the end of the year. If it is switched off then the remaining balance will be as at the 'To' date in the date filters:



Totals by employee

This report includes leave information on each employee (for whom you have the Request Leave permission). This data is displayed as totals. So, for example, if an employee booked 8 hours of leave for 5 days, the report would show: leave taken: 40 hours, rather than 8 hours on Monday, 8 hours on Tuesday, etc. For detailed data such as this, you will need to download the Full leave export. 

Prior to downloading the report, you will need to select the report fields (i.e. what fields will show in the report). By default, all are selected, but you may untick/tick whatever you want to see. These are the fields:

  • Full name: the employee's name and surname;
  • Employee code: the unique code which identifies one Talexio user from another;
  • Department: the employee's department as at the date filters selected;
  • Sub-unit: if the employee is in a sub-unit, this will be shown; 
  • Job Schedule: for example: Full time 40 hours;
  • Leave type: the type of leave, for example: Vacation, Sick, Maternity leave, etc. If an employee has taken leave across multiple leave types in the selected period, then the report will display one row for each leave type;
  • Pay type: Full pay, half pay, or unpaid;
  • Leave entitlement: the total leave entitlement which the employee had for the leave type;
  • Adjustments: any manual adjustments made to an employee's leave balance;
  • Accumulated: any leave accumulated as part of the employee's working hours. Click here for information on this
  • Paid off: any leave paid off in the payroll module;
  • Leave carried over from previous year: any leave carried forward to this year;
  • Expired leave carried over from previous year: any leave carried forward which had an expiry date which lapsed before the leave was availed of;
  • Paid leave booked within this period: any approved leave within the period which has a full pay or half pay pay type;
  • Unpaid Leave booked within this period: any approved leave within the period which has an unpaid pay type; 
  • Remaining balance: the employee's remaining leave balance (after deducting/adding any adjustments, leave carried forward, and leave taken). This balance will either be as at the end of the year or as the cut off date in the leave filters. Check our explanation on the Show remaining balance for the whole year filter above; 
  • Accrued balance (as of the last day of the month): this is the employee's balance as at current month;
  • Balance value: the employee's remaining leave balance in monetary terms;
  • Leave booked and pending request within this period: leave booked including those requests which are still pending approval. 

You will then need to select the leave type(s) for which you want the report. Then click export. 

Totals by unit

This report is similar to the Totals by employee, with the difference that this report will show information per unit rather than per employee. As such, the 'employee full name' and 'employee code' fields are not available from the filters. 


Full leave export

This report is a detailed version of the Totals by employee report, and includes details on each leave booking for each employee such as the date of the leave, the time from and time to, when the leave request was created, etc. 

By default, the 'Remaining balance' of the Full leave export is switched off, as this will greatly increase the report generation time.




When you are in the Leave Scheduler, you may filter by employee, department, country. If you filter by, for example, one employee, and then generate a report, then that report will include information for that employee only. The same applies for other filters such as department. 


Why can't I see all the leave types?

You might come across a situation where a leave type is missing from the report generation dialog: 



In the above gif, sick leave does not show. This happens when the date filters in the Leave Schedule do not have include a certain leave type. So, if you exit the dialog and click on List view, you will be able to change the date range of the Leave Schedule, and then go back to the reports dialog, then you will be able to see all the required leave type:



Can I save report templates?

When generating a report, you may choose to save it as a template. You may even schedule it for a future date. For information on how to do this, check this out

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