Sharing vacancies on Facebook

  • Updated

You may share your vacancies directly on your company's Facebook page if you have Admin access to this page.


To enable this feature:

  1. Go to Setup
  2. Click Company Details
  3. Click FB Sharing tab
  4. Ensure that you have Admin permission on your Facebook page
  5. If so, click on Give Talexio access to manage your FB page
To share a vacancy:
  1. Go to Vacancies list
  2. Select the relevant vacancy
  3. If you'd like to customise the image that is used for sharing - go to Details from the left hand side menu and upload an image to Facebook sharing image. If not image is uploaded the company's logo will be taken as the default image.
  4. Go back to vacancy Dashboard and click the Facebook button in the Publish section.
  5. In the pop up window, add your custom message which will be the caption to your post. You may leave this blank.
  6. Click Publish
Keep in mind:
  • Sharing on Facebook is only allowed if the vacancy is in an Open Vacancy Status and the Closing date is not in the past.
  • You may share more than once. Hover over the Facebook publish button to get the date of the last share