Release Notes 21/11/2019

  1. Edit Leave feature where admin can amend leave already booked
  2. Addition of Job schedule information on request and approve leave window
  3. When booking leave in hours rather than Full Day and using the date picker rather than manually typing in the hours - booking is set to 5 minute increments (i.e. an employee can't book less than 15 minutes of leave) and will be able to book in 15 minute intervals (i.e. 8:00 - 8:15 and so on)
  4. New panel for employees to view initial leave entitlement, leave booked and leave balance
  1. Update to the payslip calculation pop up layout for clearer calculations of hours
  2. Sickness Benefit deduction considerations for employees on casual/non-fixed hours
  3. Accrual of additional vacation leave when maternity leave is booked on a public holiday
  4. Fixes to NI calculation, Work hours when employee did not work full month
  5. Update in Payroll reports: FSS Calculation Report; Payroll Report; Payroll Totals Report
  6. New Payroll reports added: Overtime Report, SEPA Payment Report; FSS Submission Report in end of year process
  7. Bug fixes & improvements in payslip dialog and FS3 documents
  1. New "Create new employee" wizard
  2. Update in Employee list filters for better reporting
New counter badge to show the user any pending checklist items that need to be actioned.
  1. Small UI fixes
  2. Bug fixes