How do I approve leave?

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When your employees request leave, you will need to approve this leave. Read on for instructions on how to do this.  


To approve the leave of employees, you will need the Approve Leave permission. If this is set on global, then you will be able to approve the leave of all the employees within the company. If this is set on specific unit(s), then you will be able to approve the leave of the employees within those department(s). If this is set on specific employee(s), then you will be able to approve the leave of those specific individuals. If this is set on self, then you will be able to approve your own leave (please note that for this, you will also require the Request Leave permission set on self).


For detailed information on this permission, click here. For information on how to set up permissions, click here.

How to Approve Leave

There are two methods to approve employee leave:

  1. From the Requests section
  2. From within the Leave section
  • By clicking on the Click here to review button in your email, you will be redirected to the Requests section as per the below screenshot:

    Click on Accept if you want to approve the leave request. This will open a pop up with the leave information:

    You may edit the leave (as well as change the pay type from full pay to half pay). 

    If you click on reject, then the leave will be declined. You may add an optional reason for the rejection.

    When leave is approved, the concerned employee will receive an email: 

    When leave is rejected, the concerned employee will receive an email:

  • Alternatively, you can access the Leave section. Filter by Leave which I can approve and hover over the highlighted date. Click on the green tick or the red cross to approve or reject it:

    You can also switch to list view and view the leave in a list format:

Pay Type

If you have the Approve Leave permission, you will be able to select the Pay Type for the leave booked:

  • If Full pay is selected, the leave amount will be given at the same hourly rate of the position history (as at the date of the leave). 
    For example: an employee has 2 positions: 

    • Position A (1st January - 30th June. €10/hour)
    • Position B (1st July - present. €11/hour)
      The employee booked leave on the 28th of June, but is paid for this leave in the July payroll. In this payroll, the employee's basic pay will be at €11/hour, but the leave will be paid at €10/hour. 
      For more information on leave calculations, check this out
  • If Half pay is selected, the leave amount is given pro-rata at 50%.
  • If Unpaid is selected, no pay is given for the number of hours booked at this leave type and Leave Amount shows as zero in the payroll calculation. Leave balance will not be deducted from the leave balance, if unpaid leave is booked, however, it will be deducted from the main leave entitlement pro-rata. For more information on this, click here.

We do not recommend changing the Pay Type, as the system automatically determines when an employee's full pay balance has been consumed. 

Email notification

Once an employee (whose leave you can approve) requests leave, you will receive an email notification. 

By clicking on Click here to review, you will be redirected to your Talexio account to the Requests section, where you will be able to approve/reject the leave request. 

If you do not wish to receive such email notifications, you may remove these notifications (you will still be able to approve leave from the Requests section). Click here for more information on how to do this.

If you have permission to request and approve leave of an employee (this might even include yourself), then any requests you make will be approved automatically without email notification.

Multi-level Approvals

You can also set up multi level leave approval. This means that if an employee requests leave, they will require approval from more than one approver before the leave is approved. For more information, check out the this article. 

Bulk Approvals

When approving the leave from the Requests section, there is the option of doing so in bulk. Click on Bulk Actions and select the option to Bulk review leave requests:

This will open up a popup window of all pending leave requests. From here, you can either approve/reject the requests one by one, or else you may click on Bulk Actions and approve/reject all at once by selecting the approve/reject button and then select 'confirm':

You may also make use of the filters to limit the bulk approvals to specific employees. Click on the filter icon and specify whether you would like to approve/reject requests made by one or more employees, requests made for one or more employees, requests made on a particular date, or requests falling within a specified date range:


Reports to field

Each employee's employment position includes a Job description. Here, you will have the option to add whom the employee reports to:


For more information check these two links:

setting up the reports-to field does not automatically mean that employee's leave is approved by the person they report to. Setting up approvers is done only through the Permissions section