Editing an Employee's Employment Position

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At any point after you've added your employees to Talexio and given them positions, you might need to amend such position. This could be because of three different reasons:

  1. Due to a mistake that needs correcting;
  2. To change the position (possibly due to a promotion, an increase in salary or a change of role);
  3. To terminate an employee.

If the third point applies to you, then click here for more information on how to terminate an employee on the system and how this affects Payroll if you have the Payroll Module enabled.



You need to ensure that you have the Manage Employment Position History permission and either View All Employee Data or Manage All Employee Data permission set to the employee/s whose position you need to change. For more information on permissions, click here.


Editing an Employee's Employment Position

Employee employment positions can be changed in each individual position or in bulk. These processes are explained below. 

  • You may edit an existing position history by going to the employee's profile and from the Employment tab, click the edit icon on the right of the position you wish to make the changes to.
    Employment Position.jpg

    If you amend a field that is linked to payroll (such as salary, job schedule, department, etc.), you will be prompted with the below window:
    Change in Position Warning.jpg
    It is important to select the correct option depending on the outcome you are trying to achieve. The 2 options are:
    Correcting a mistake: you should use this option when you are fixing a mistake for that particular position.
    Change in Employee Position: you should use this option when you would like to create a new position using these details. When you select this option you will be asked to pick the date when these new changes will apply. The end date of the older position history will be automatically set to the day prior to the start date you choose here. Any adjustments or benefits that are linked to the old position will be copied to the new one.

  • The Onboarding Assistant People template is a versatile tool that will allow you to correct/amend employee data by overwriting the data within the employee profile or current employment position. This is achieved by filling the fields you wish to correct/amend and the employee code. Where there are blank fields in the template, the system will make no changes to the current data stored.

    If you are unsure if an employee has the information in their details already populated, you can download a Report from the People section to obtain the information.

    The Employee Code field will need to be added every time you use this template. Without the Employee Code, the system will not know who the information relates to. If an employee does not have an Employee Code yet, this will first need to be added in their Personal Details before the template is uploaded.

There are specific articles that relate to changes in salary in bulk based on COLA updates and also where employees salaries are to be increased in bulk and new positions are created.

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