Leave Module Overview

Alasdair MacNeill
Alasdair MacNeill
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The Leave Module can be used to book leave, view leave, download reports, and amend leave-related settings and permissions. The Leave Module can be accessed through the Leave button on the Menu bar:

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To access the Leave section, you will need any one of the four Leave-related permissions: Request Leave, Approve Leave, Manage Leave Types, or View Other Employee Leave. For more information on leave permissions, click here.

Leave Module

In the Leave Module on Talexio you will be able to effectively everything related to Leave within your company. To get started, we recommend you watch our webinars regarding the Leave Module, so that you have a grasp of the basic principles and flows of the module.

Within the Module you will have visibility and control of:

  1. Leave Types and their settings
  2. Employee Leave Requests
  3. Employee Leave Entitlements and Balances
  4. Leave Reports
  5. Leave Schedule and much more

The next article will show you how to create and manage Leave Types that will be used on your Talexio account.

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