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A pregnant employee can resort to maternity leave for an uninterrupted period of eighteen (18) weeks. The first fourteen (14) weeks are paid by the employer but the weeks beyond the first fourteen (14) weeks are not paid by the employer. Click here to view the official source.  


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For the attention of employers: employees will need the 'Request Leave' permission to book leave. By default, employees can only book vacation leave. Admins may book leave such as sick leave, maternity leave, injury leave, and any other leave types which you may add to your company's account. To amend what type of leave your employees can or cannot book, follow the instructions here

Maternity leave - how it works

During the first 14 weeks of your maternity leave, you will receive your normal salary, including adjustments, fringe benefits, government bonuses, and pay social security.

During the last 4 weeks, you will not receive salary or adjustment or fringe benefits, but you will accumulate government bonuses and pay social security.

Public Holidays

When a public or national holiday falling on a day of work or on a weekly day of rest not being a Saturday or a Sunday (unless your weekly schedule includes weekends) falls within a period of maternity leave of any employee, such employee shall be entitled to the equivalent in hours of an additional day of annual Vacation leave. Read more about how to set up Public Holidays here.

Click here to view the official source of Vacation leave in Malta

Casual workers

Employees who are not on a fixed schedule will need to enter the daily number of hours per day of leave when booking Maternity leave. 

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