How to book Maternity Leave

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Your company might have numerous leave types. However, you may restrict which leave types can be booked by employees and which cannot. One such leave type is Maternity leave. So, how can I book it?


  1. Permissions
  2. Can an employee book Maternity Leave?
  3. How to book Maternity Leave


To control which leave types may be booked by employees, you will need the Request Leave permission set on the person for whom you wish to book this leave. Click here for more information on setting permissions.  

Can an employee book Maternity Leave?

In order for an employee to book Maternity leave for themselves, the Allow user to request toggle in the Leave Types tab in the Leave section needs to be switched on. For more information on this, click here

If it is on, and the employee has the necessary permissions, then the employee will be able to request this leave. If it is off, then the manage/administrator needs to book it on behalf of the employee. This person will need Request Leave and Approve Leave permissions.


How to book Maternity Leave

To book Maternity Leave, follow the same steps as booking leave but make sure the Leave Type chosen is Maternity.

Book Maternity leave for the relevant employee by calculating 14 weeks from the first day of maternity (you may leave any days which fall out of the job schedule, such as Saturday and Sunday, in the leave list, since zero hours will be deducted for these days). 

Should there be any Public Holidays that fall in the periods of maternity leave booked:

  1. You will be notified about this on booking leave
  2. Maternity leave will not be deducted for that day (0 hours deducted)
  3. Pro-rata leave is automatically added as accumulated leave to the employee’s vacation leave entitlement

Should you like to book the additional hours accumulated from these Public Holidays, as Maternity leave (as opposed to Vacation leave), then you must simply book these as Full Pay Maternity Leave, after booking the 4 weeks of unpaid maternity leave.