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When you have the Payroll Module enabled in Talexio, within the Settings of the account, employers can set up their company Payroll Settings. This article explains these settings in further detail.



You will need the Manage Client Settings and Manage Payroll permissions to amend the payroll settings. These permissions need to be set on global. Please note that having the Manage Payroll permission will give the users the ability to process payroll for all the company.

If you have multiple Business Units, each Business Unit can set it's own separate Payroll settings.

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Payroll Settings

The Payroll Settings can be found by going to the Payroll tab in the Settings section. Here, there a number of settings you should look at before doing your first payroll. 

You will notice there are buttons to also add your company bank accounts and use the Talexio COLA Wizard which have their own articles explaining how to use them

Within the Payroll Settings tab, you will notice pods of settings grouped by:

  1. Calculation Overrides
  2. Reporting
  3. FS Document Signatories
  • This section allows you to override default standard values used in payroll calculations. By not adding a value, the default values will automatically apply.
    Payroll Settings 1.jpg

    • Maximum Weekly Allowance Bonus and Maximum Statutory Bonus : these are set as €121.16 and €135.10 by default. Here, you can amend the amounts. Please note that the bonus and allowance will still be given pro-rata depending on job schedule and unpaid leave. Click here for more information.

    • Minimum weekly wage: here you can amend the minimum wage. This will affect certain NI calculations.

    • More frequent bonuses for fixed part-timers: by switching this on, any fixed part time employees will have their government bonus/allowance spread over a 3 monthly period rather than 6 months. Please note that they will still be paid the same by the end of the year. Click here for more information.

    • Use alternate calculation method for termination hours: click here for more information on how the hours are calculated for a terminated employee's last payslip.

  • Payroll related documents that are generated will include what is populated in the following fields.
    Payroll Settings 2.jpg

    Fill in these details in order for them to appear on payslips, FS5s, FS3s, FS7, and to generate SEPA files for payments.

  • Any FSS related documents that are generated will include the following pre-populated signatory information.
    Payroll Settings 3.jpg

    Here, you can upload signatures to be automatically added to FS documents.

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