How do I create a payroll?

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Calculating your company's payroll can be tricky. Talexio's aim is to make this process as simple as possible. Before computing a payroll you need to ensure that the employees' positions are updated.



You need to ensure that you have the 'Manage payroll' permission. Please note that you will also need the 'Generate Employee FSS documents' if you wish to generate FS5s, FS7, and FS3s.

So how do I calculate payroll?

Then, follow the below steps.  

To create a payroll:

  1. Go to the Payroll section;
  2. Select the year you wish to calculate payroll for;
  3. Click Create Payroll;
  4. Pick the month. The pay date will be automatically selected as the end of the month.

You may wish to select specific leave and clocking period dates. 


Once the payroll is created, click on the payroll number (for example 001) to enter the payroll. There, you will notice that there are no employees in the payroll. Click Add Employees. This will display all the employees in your company who:

  • Have an active position 
  • Have a terminated position - with the date of termination added in red
  • Have 'country' Malta set in their position


By default, all the employees in this list are selected, except for terminate employees (please note that employees whose position payroll frequency is set to never will be excluded from this list). To deselect all, you may click on the 'X' in the your selection box, or else click on the tick box next to code at the top. You may then select the relevant employees one by one.


If you do not wish to view the terminated employees in this list, then you may switch off the 'show terminated employees' tickbox.

Please note that when the calc. now? button is selected, the selected employees' payroll will be calculated. Where this tick box is left unchecked, you will need to calculate the employees' payslips after adding them to the payroll. We recommend clicking the calc. now? button. 



Once you are satisfied with your selection, press add. 

Congratulations, you have added your employee(s) to payroll!



So what if I did not click on the calc. now? button?

If you did not select the calc. now? button, you will notice the below in your payroll. You will need to click on the Calculate payslips button. 


This will calculate all uncalculated payslips. It will not refresh any payslips that have already been calculated.

But I can see that there are some errors

If there is any missing data that is required for payroll (like a missing tax status or date of birth), a message will show next to the relevant employee. Any pending issues need to be resolved in order for you to finalise payroll. To resolve them, simply click on the small arrow next to the employee's name. This will take you to the employee's profile, where you can add the missing data. Then, back in payroll, click on calculate payslips or refresh the concerned payslip. 


Once calculated, you may click on the name of each employee to access the individual payslip. Click here for a detailed explanation on the contents of a payslip.

You can also edit payslips in bulk. Click here for more info.

Why are some figures highlighted in the payroll view?

You might have noticed that some figures are highlighted in yellow like the below screenshot:


But what does this mean? Well, Talexio has it's own validations for payroll, meaning that if an employee is set as a Full time 40 hour per week job schedule and this employee's payroll only has 100 hours, the system will highlight the amount to notify you that there might be something off. If you are aware of the amount, you may ignore it. If, however, you realise that this was something you missed, then you will be able to amend the problem.

The same applies for tax and social security. Where these amounts are zero, they will be highlighted, even if they are correct. In such case, you may ignore them. 

Locking payroll

When all issues are resolved click Lock from the top right-hand side to finalise that month's payroll.


Please note that you must also set up your Payroll Settings in order for the company details to appear on the payslips and FSS documents.