How do I create a checklist template?

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Talexio Support
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Before creating a checklist, you might want to create a template. This means that each time you create a new checklist, you can select the template and avoid having to fill in all the details of the checklist from scratch. 

To create a checklist template:

1. Go to the Checklists section and go to Templates




2. Click on the Create Checklist Template button 


Here, give the checklist a name, for example, Onboarding. Give it a duration (i.e. the time required for it to be completed, for example 7 days).

Then you can add tasks. Tasks are added in the same way as on a normal checklist. Click here for more information. 

3. Click create

You have now created your first checklist template. When creating a checklist, you may select this template to auto-populate with the information you chose here.  



Note: A checklist template has it's own unique link. This gives the possibility to share templates within your company.