Adjustments report

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An Adjustments Report is a payroll report specifically for any adjustments within each payroll. This report can be downloaded in PDF or XLXS.



You will require the Manage Payroll permission in order to generate this report.


Where can I generate the report from?

You may generate this report from one of two places.

  1. From the main Payroll section. On Talexio, click on Payroll. There you will see a button 'Reports & FS5'. Click on this and then click on Adjustments Report.


  2. The second option is to download the report from within the specific payroll you are working on. From within the payroll, click on Reports and then on Adjustments.


What options do I have when downloading?

Once you have completed one of the above 2 steps, you will see a number of options:


      1. Select whether you want the report downloaded as a PDF or a Spreadsheet.
      2. If PDF is chosen (and you are choosing multiple payrolls), then you can choose whether to download each report in a separate PDF (but stored in one ZIP file), or else have each report grouped in one PDF (this option will give you one document, however, each payroll will still be displayed separately), or else if you want each payroll grouped in a single aggregated report then you may choose the aggregated option (This means that the total of each payroll period can be grouped within one report as the sum of the selected time frame). 
      3. Group By: Here you can choose whether the report is grouped by Adjustment, Employee, Department, or Cost Centre. Please note that when downloading this report from an individual payroll, you have the option to download the report for a specific adjustment only:


      4. - If 'select multiple payrolls' is switched on then you may move on to point 5. 
        - Use latest cost centre: if your employees have been added to cost centres (or else have had their cost centre changed) after a payroll is locked, you may still generate the Adjustments Report with the latest cost centre changes by switching on this button. 
      5. Select payrolls. Here, you may choose to add multiple payrolls to the report. This option is only available when selecting the Adjustments Report from the Payroll section (rather than from within a specific payroll). 
      6. Once you are done, click Generate