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Template documents gives Talexio users the ability to generate any uploaded template document for any employee by using specific tags and replacing them with information from existing data in Talexio.



  1. Permissions
  2. How to create a document
  3. How to upload a document
  4. How to generate a document
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As the template documents is located in the Settings section, you will require the Manage Client Settings and Manage Template Documents permissions. These must be set on global.

How to create a document

  • Go to the Template Documents tab in the Settings section:11.png
  • Click on Upload template:


  • A dialog will appear. There you will find all the placeholder tags that are required to be included in your document:


  • Copy and paste the wanted placeholder tags in a document and save it.


Note: Make sure that the document is saved with a .DOCX extension.


How to upload a document

  • Go to the Template Documents tab in the Settings section:


  • Click on Upload Template:


  • A dialog will appear, click on Next to upload your document.


  • Choose a specific folder for your document.


Note: This folder will only be relevant when generating a document. The selected folder will be created automatically in the selected employees' Documents section.

  • Once uploaded, click on Done to finalise.


  • On completion, the uploaded document will appear in the Template documents list with its independent options on the right hand side.


How to generate a document

  • Go to the Template Documents tab in the Settings section:


On the right hand side of your uploaded documents there are 3 options;

  1. Generate - this will generate the uploaded document for the selected employee and save it in the Documents tab, accessible through the employee dashboard.
  2. Download - this will download the uploaded document. Use this feature if you would like to add more information to the current document. Note that when this is done the document would need to be uploaded again.
  3. Delete - this will delete the uploaded document from Talexio. Note that uploaded documents are not saved anywhere else and cannot be retrieved if deleted.


  • Click on Generate. A dialog will appear.


  • Type in the name of the document and select an employee and click Generate.


  • On completion, the generated document can be downloaded and found in the employees documents.



  • If all the relative information in Talexio is included for the selected employee, your document would be updated as per below.


Note: Talexio users can also connect SignRequest in order to be able to have their employees e-sign any uploaded document.

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