Creating custom reminders

  • Updated
  1. Users can access the Reminders page in the left-hand side menu, in order to set up their own reminders image3.png
  2. A reminder can be created for yourself, another user or a Group. 
  3. The reminder will show in the Reminder list of the user or group for who it was created.
  4. Once a reminder is set, users will get notifications based on the date and time, and recurrence interval chosen.
  5. In order to create a custom reminder, you are required to fill in the below fields:




User or Group

Based on what is chosen here, the notification will appear for either one user or all users within the group.

User or Group name

Once a User or a Group is selected, the name of the recipient needs to be selected. These will be the individuals who get the notification.

Reminder Type

This is used for categorisation purposes. All notifications will be linked to one of these categories.


This is optional. If added, on clicking the notification title in the notification centre, the user will be redirected to this link.


Add a description for your notification. This will be shown in the notifications centre and should be something that immediately explains the action or task required.


Choose the date and time when you would like to receive the notification.

Recurring interval

Choose how often you would like to receive these notifications. If one of the past notifications is not marked as read you will receive a new notification the next time the notification is meant to be sent out.