Third Party Source Communication

  • Updated

If a particular vacancy includes applications that are coming from Third Party Sources, you can communicate directly with Third-Party Sources through the Vacancy Applications tab.

To use this feature:

    1. Select the candidate who was referred to the vacancy via a third-party source. To identify these candidates, you will notice that the email address of the third party source is shown beneath the date of application, in bold. In the below example “”.
    2. On the right-hand side, select the new application status that you would like to change the candidate to and the email template. You can manage your email templates from Setup > Email templates
    3. To send the email template ONLY to the Third-party source, tick the checkbox.
    4. If you would like to send the email template directly to the candidate, do not tick the checkbox.
    5. To pick up the candidate name please use these placeholders in your email templates:  {candidate_first_name} {candidate_last_name}
    6. Please omit from adding the third party referrer name


  • Please note that if you select more than one candidate, and only one of them is coming form a third party source, and the checkbox is ticked, all the candidates will receive the email template you’ve selected.