Leave range of dates within a payroll

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When creating a payroll, you may choose the leave date period that would determine which leave requests should fall within this payroll period. 

For example, if you are working on May payroll, but want to include leave from the 1st of May till the 20th of May, you may use the below settings. Then, in the June paayroll, you can include leave from the 21st of May. This will allow you to finalise payroll before the end of the month (whilst allowing employees to book leave when they require). 



You need to have Manage Payroll permission to access the payroll section. 

How to specify the leave period

You can specify these dates by clicking the blue “Specify Leave Period” toggle button. You will be able to modify these dates at any time as long as the payroll is unlocked, by going to the payroll list and clicking the Edit button (pencil icon).

If no leave period dates are selected, by default the leave period dates will be the payroll period dates.



If you do select the leave period, a note will be automatically added to each payslip in the following format: “Includes leave for dates between {date} and {date}”. You may edit the note through the Add Employee button within the payroll roll.

When the leave period is selected, the leave that is then added to that month’s payroll will only be that which falls within the leave period dates and not the payroll period dates.

In the above example, any leave booked after 20/05/2020 will not be considered for this payroll even though it falls within the payroll period. 

The same applies for clockings.