Generating the Working Schedule

Alasdair MacNeill
Alasdair MacNeill
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The first tab in the Scheduler section is the Working schedule. This section is only available to users who have the time & attendance module enabled. 

In the Working schedule, you can generate your company/department's schedule on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 



To make use of this section, you will need the Manage Time and Attendance Settings (set on global) and Manage T&A Working Schedules permissions.


Generating the Working Schedule

The Working Schedule can be generated directly from the Working Schedule or from the Schedule Generator. Both pages have a + Generate Schedule button, that works on the same principle. When an employee has been assigned to a Configured Shift Pattern or a Personalised Rotation Pattern, these instructions set will be used by the system in the Working Schedule.

On the Working Schedule these are the below steps to generate the shifts:

  1. Click on the + Generate Schedule button
    Generate Schedule.jpg

  2. Apply the filters and toggles needed:
    Generate Schedule 2.jpg

    • Date Range
    • Generate Globally - Enabling the Global setting will generate a schedule for all employees withing the company.
    • Generate on a Full Day of Leave - Enabling this setting will not generate a schedule on a day where employee has a full day of leave booked.
    • Employee/ Department/ Job Schedule - These filters apply on who the schedule will be generated for. Either specific employee(s), specific Department(s) or Specific Job Schedule(s).
      The Employee field allows you to paste multiple Employee Codes for the employees you would like to generate as well as selecting from the dropdown.
  3. If there are employees with Personalised Rotation Patterns, you can edit the generated shifts from this dialog. This article explains this further.
  4. Click Generate Schedule.

Initially, the schedule will be generated in an unpublished state, so that you can make any needed changes to any individual shifts. Once this task is completed, you may publish your schedule.