Bulk Upload Leave Entitlements

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Leave entitlements can be granted for the whole company. If you want instructions on how to amend the leave entitlement of individual employees (one at a time), check this out. To do this in bulk, read on. 



You will need the Manage Payroll permission (this must be set on global) and the Approve Leave permission to be able to upload additional entitlements

How to Change Leave Entitlements

To update leave entitlements in bulk for a number of employees, you may use the Leave bulk upload templates.

  1. Go to Leave section;
  2. Click on the three dots on the side;
  3. You will see an item called Upload Leave Entitlements;
  4. Click on it and select Download Template;

  5. Download the template;
  6. You will need to fill out the template by including:
      • the employee code;
      • the leave type;
      • the number of hours of entitlement (if negative, include a minus sign before the hours);
      • the year for which the entitlement refers to;
      • Whether this leave is carried forward balance (Yes/No);
      • And if it is carried forward balance, you may also set an expiry date to this balance.


  7. From Talexio, select Upload File and upload the file. You will get a notification to confirm the upload. 


How does the Expiry date work?

For example, 10 hours are carried forward from one year to another and an expiry date of 31st March is set.

Opening balance 2022 = 224 hours

Carried forward = 10 hours

Balance = 234 hours

Once 31st March is elapsed, the 10 hours will be deducted from the balance (if they were not used), which therefore, goes back to 224 hours for the current year. 

If the employee took leave before the 31st of March, then the first leave to be exhausted would be the 10 hours of the leave carried forward.