Leave Balance Showing on Payslip

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There are many kinds of leave types. If you have the Payroll Module, then you will have the facility to display employees' consumed leave and remaining balance on their payslips. 


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You need to ensure that you have the 'Manage Payroll' permission if you want to generate payslips. To manage what leave is shown on payslips, you need the 'Manage Leave Types' permission. The latter needs to be set on global. 

Leave Balances in Payslip

Which leave balance to show on the payslip is determined by the settings found in the Leave Types page. 

When choosing the Vacation leave balance to show in the payslip, you have an option to show this balance in days or in hours. 

  1. Go to the Leave section
  2. Click on the Leave Types tab 
  3. Select your preferred format



Your selection will impact the format in which employees see their leave balance on their Leave Balance pod on their profile, and the leave balance on their payslip.




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