Release Notes 09/02/2021

  • Updated


    • Minor interface improvements
    • FS7 adjustments in line with end of Year submissions
    • Payroll Report:
      • Addition of new columns with a breakdown of Adjustments. This is only available in Excel format
    • Payroll leave period dates:
      • Support inclusion of leave period dates from before the payroll period
    • Covid wage supplement updates
      • Negative adjustment to include any special rate hours added to the payslip
    • Leave consumed, showing on the payslip
    • Adjustments to be given pro-rata when employee is on unpaid leave


        • Automatically closing of time logs if someone forgets to punch out
        • Issue with double clicking the online punch clock
        • Bulk approval of time logs with exceptions - easier grouping for faster approvals
        • Showing any leave booked by employees, in the Work Schedule page and report exports
        • Rounding of daily clockings:
          • Ability to round clockings as daily totals instead of just rounding of individual clockings. This impacts mainly when there is more than one clocking per day.
        • Schedule colour-coded shifts based on work location rather than only on shift type.
        • Prompts when booking leave and the person is scheduled for a shift. This allows the user to be notified prior to finalising shift planning. 
        • Ability to skip the Review & Approve step for some employees where applicable
        • Cost forecasting reports now includes any leave booked as Productive/Non-productive hours
        • Ability to delete or undo approval blocks
        • Other minor UI improvements


          • Bugfix with editing of leave
          • Filter leave reports by leave type


    • Speed improvement when ticking/unticking checklists
    • Manage Checklists permission now allows you to delegate checklist creation/edit to different managers