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Custom Fields are user created fields which are not found in Talexio's default fields. These can be a variety of input types that can be placed on the Employee's Details or in the Employee's Employment Position.



You need to ensure that you have the Manage custom fields permission on Global level to be able to create Custom Fields. 

To allow someone to view Custom Fields that contain sensitive data, they will need the permission View Sensitive Custom Fields.

There are 3 permissions related to viewing non-sensitive Custom Fields and any one needs to be assigned to you in order for you to be able to view them.

  1. View Salary & Benefits
  2. Manage Employment History
  3. Manage Payroll


Custom Field Details

There are different details regarding Custom Fields that you should be aware of and understand before you create a new Custom Field.

  • There are different types of fields that can be created for Custom Fields. These are outlined here:

    • Checkbox
    • Date
    • Datetime
    • Dropdown
    • Number
    • Text
    • Time

    If you select the Dropdown option, you will need to input the different options. This can be done by typing and pressing 'enter' each time an item is added.

  • When creating a Custom Field you will need to select whether this is added to the employee's details page or to their position. The difference is that anything added to the details page will apply to the employee regardless of their position. Anything added to the employee's position will apply to the timeframe in which the employee occupies a position. 

    So if, say, we had to add a Custom Field to the employee's position, and an employee holds 2 positions in a year (due to an increase in salary midway through the year, for example), then each of these 2 positions will include the option to add information to the Custom Field. So if the content of the Custom Field changed from one position to the other, this can be reflected accordingly. 

  • When creating a Custom Field you may select a country. When selecting a country, the Custom Field you create will only be visible on the employees who have this country selected in their Employment Position history.
  • You may create any Custom Field you desire. However, some Custom Fields might contain sensitive data. To cater for that, you may make use of the Contains sensitive data switch.

Creating a Custom Field

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