Release Notes 16/02/2021

  • Updated


    • Custom fields
    • People list
      • Sorting improvements to employee list
      • New country filter in the people list
      • Improved date filters around probation end dates
    • Organisation chart (Units)
      • Country of employee position history now shows in the organisation structure
      • Hide empty units toggle (where all employees have moved on or have been transferred)
    • Checklists
      • Checklists will now no longer show for assignees until the Start Date comes into effect. This allows you to prepare checklists upfront.


    • Improved warning when booking unpaid leave
    • Cosmetic bug fix with entitlements when showing balance in days.
    • Bug fix: Leave cancellation emails were not being sent in a few edge cases.
    • Ability to exclude certain leave types from certain PE numbers (Business Units)



    • Faster loading of business unit drop down selection (in the case of multiple Business Units)
    • Support for Tax Arrears
    • FSS calculation reports can now be made available with granular manage payroll permissions rather than just global.
    • Flow improvements to the FS5 generation wizard and assigning payroll to FS5.
    • FS5 receipt numbers added to the FS5 generation wizard.
    • In the last release we introduced payment files split by cost centre and bank account. Now you can also generate Payment Reports by cost centre. An option is available to generate one payment report for all bank accounts.
    • Voluntary Organisations Project Scheme (VOPS) - We now support the addition of pension schemes. Further automation is planned.
    • Better scheduling of payslip sent via emails, to avoid large payrolls from being slow or problematic.

Training Management

Training Management is a new module catered for by Talexio.

  • Organise training information along with your HR data.
  • Keep track of courses, sessions and attendance sheets.
  • Give access to external tutors for submission of training information.
  • Highlight employee competencies, identify skill gaps and schedule training.
  • Report training costs by cost centre or department.
  • Automate training invitations and reminders, integrated with your Talexio calendar.

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