Voluntary Organisations Project Scheme (VOPS)

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Pension schemes can be added to your employees' positions.

In the Settings section, under the Benefits tab, you may find two benefit categories related to the Voluntary Organisations Project Scheme (VOPS). These are:

  • VOPS - Company
  • VOPS - Employee


To set up the allowances, you will need the Manage Client Settings and Manage Benefits permissions. To add VOPS allowances to an employee's profile, you will need the View/Manage All Employee Data and Manage Employee Position History permissions. If you will be working on payroll, you will need the Manage Payroll permission. 

VOPS Company vs VOPS Employee

  • VOPS - Company: This is used when the company is paying the VOPS on behalf of the employee and no deductions are to be made from the employee's salary. This will not show in the payslip but will show in reports and FS3.
  • VOPS - Employee: This is used when the employee would like to pay part of the VOPS and the relevant amount is deducted from their salary as a post tax deduction. This will show in the payslip, reports but will not be reflected in the FS3.

In certain cases an employee might have VOPS Company only or VOPS Employee only, while in some cases you might need to add both. For more information on VOPS, please refer to LEGAL NOTICE 228 of 2017.


Set Up

1. To set up these benefits, you will need to go to the Settings section and click on the Benefits tab. For more information on how to create benefits, click here.


2. Next, go to the relevant employee's profile and click on the Employment tab. If the employee already has an existing position, then click on the edit icon and add the benefit to the remuneration package (under Fringe Benefits). If you are creating a new position, click here for more details:



Payslip and Reports

The values added will both be visible in the payslip calculation but only the VOPS - Employee will show in the pdf payslip document. Also, only VOPS - Employee affects the Net amount.


The value added to the employee's position history will show in the FS3 as follows:



Percentage Option

To set the VOPS amounts as a percentage of the yearly salary amount, click on the % option in the employee's position.