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On Talexio, a work code is used to refer to work done by an employee at a different hourly rate. 



To set up work codes, you will require the Manage Time and Attendance Settings permission set on global


Set up

To set up Work Codes;

  1. Enable Work Codes on the device
  2. Go to Settings section
  3. Click on Work codes tab
  4. Click on Add Work Code:


Here, you will need to input the name of the work code, for example, Admin work, and the code, for example, ADM.  

If you use the Time & attendance module, employees may punch in using different work codes. 

In the Time tracking section, in the Clockings tab, each clocking will be assigned to a different work code


To pay employees for the relevant hours based on the hourly rate of their clockings, you may set a Special Rate item within their payslip.

You may also link the different work codes to a different hourly rate in the employee's position history. This would automatically show the hours clocked at the relevant rate, in payroll.