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Work codes can be added to Talexio so employees or shifts assigned the specified work code can be paid at a specified hourly rate.


To set up work codes, users require the Manage Time and Attendance Settings permission.

Adding a work code

  1. Go to "Settings" and load "Work codes".
  2. Click on "Add work code".
  3. Here, you will need to input the work code details. Example, Name: "Admin work", and Work code "ADM".
  4. Click on "Add" to save.



Work codes can easily be assigned to shifts and employee positions. By doing so, the employee would then be paid at a specified hourly rate that is automatically linked to the said work code.

Employee position




How it works

When an employee or a shift includes a work code all the hours recorded with this entry will be automatically paid at the specified hourly rate.

If the work code is only added to the employee position on check in the employee would need to select the assigned work code manually.


The chosen work code can be seen from the "Clockings" page.




Different work codes can be assigned to different clockings. Remember that the hourly rate would need to be specified for each one.

The work code can be assigned directly to the shift, this eliminates the need for the employee to add the work code when punching in.


The work code will be automatically selected when the clocking is being approved.



When the employee is then added to payroll the clocked hours will be paid for at the specified hourly rate.




To pay employees for the relevant hours based on the hourly rate of their clockings, you may set a Special Rate item within their payslip.

You may also link the different work codes to a different hourly rate in the employee's position history. This would automatically show the hours clocked at the relevant rate, in payroll.