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Before configuring your company/department's shifts and generating the Working schedule, it is best to set up the shift templates (that is, the pattern of work of your employees). For more information on how to set up a shift template, click here

You may want to add a standby shift. This is a type of shift which can be added as a standalone shift or together with another shift on the day. 


To set up a stand by shift, you will require the Manage Time and Attendance Settings permission set on global. To add a stand by shift to the Working Schedule, you will need the Manage T&A Working Schedules permission. 

Set up

To add a Stand by shift;

  1. Go to the Time & Attendance section
  2. Click on Shift Templates
  3. Click Add shift templates
  4. Toggle on the Stand by button
  5. Add the relevant shift details
  6. Click create


This shift may be added to any other shift already added on the day, or else be added as the only shift on the day. Any hours linked to the Standby shift will be regarded as Overtime.

Hours are reported as productive hours in cost reports