Release Notes 03/03/2021

  • Updated


      • Visual improvements to the Employee Activity tab - more clarity of data and changes.
      • Ability to sort on additional columns in the People list.
      • Showing employee code in most employee selection dropdowns to allow for easier identification when employees have the same name.
      • Now hiding leave entitlements from the entitlements form when they are not applicable for certain countries to reduce unnecessary clutter.
      • Bulk import template now includes salary currency.
      • Bugfix: employee code was not visible in the full leave report.
      • Bugfix: country filter for leave report was not selecting correct employee.
      • Bugfix: leave calendar was not showing any leave which is booked at 0 hours such as weekends or anywhere outside of job schedule.
      • Bugfix: leave calendar was incorrectly grouping leave by leave type.

Training management

    • Several visual improvements for different screen sizes.
    • Support for bulk upload of most data for easier onboarding and migration from other systems or excel sheets.

Time and Attendance

    • A rejection or acceptance of a swap request now notifies all concerned parties.
    • Bugfix: Swap requests were sometimes not showing in the scheduler view.