Adding multiple hourly rates per employee

Talexio Support
Talexio Support
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You can save multiple hourly rates per employee, within their position history. At payroll stage, you can then select the relevant hourly rate to match the hours worked.


To set up multiple hourly rates per employee;

1. Go to the employee's Employment page

2. Click the edit button on the relevant position history

3. Go to the Remuneration tab

4. Click Add Additional Hourly Rates. If you have the T&A module, you may further link the hourly rates to a work code.

5. Click Save


NB: The field for "Salary" may be left blank. If a value is added, this will be taken as a default hourly rate and used in the payroll calculation.



In Payroll, you may add a Special rate manually to the payslip calculation, and select the relevant hourly rate by unticking the auto button and selecting the hourly rate. 


If you have the T&A module enabled, the hours clocked will be automatically linked to the relevant work code, and therefore the relevant hourly rate.