Additional Hourly Rates

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Alasdair MacNeill
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You can save multiple hourly rates per employee, within their position history. At payroll stage, you can then select the relevant hourly rate to match the hours worked.


You need to ensure that you have the Manage Employment Position History permission and either View All Employee Data or Manage All Employee Data permission set to the employee/s whose position you need to change. For more information on permissions, click here.


Additional Hourly Rates per Employee

To set up Additional Hourly Rates per employee;

  1. Go to the employee's Employment page
  2. Click the edit button on the relevant position history
  3. Go to the Remuneration tab
  4. Click + Add Additional Hourly Rates
    • If you have the T&A module, you may link the hourly rates to a work code so that upon using the Online Punch Clock, the time clocked will be linked to this specified hourly rate.
      Additional Hourly Rates Work Code.jpg

    • You may also toggle to switch to a Benefit, so that for each Payslip Basic/Leave/T&A hour included in the payslip, the employee will receive the Additional Hourly Rate on top of base hourly rate.
      Additional Hourly Rates Benfit.jpg

  5. Click Save

The field for Salary may be left blank. If a value is added, this will be taken as a default hourly rate and used in the payroll calculation.


Additional Hourly Rates in Payroll

In Payroll, you may add Overtime & Extra Hours manually to the payslip calculation, and select the relevant hourly rate by unticking the auto button and selecting the hourly rate. 

Additional Hourly Rates Payroll.jpg

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