Release Notes 10/03/2021

Talexio Support
Talexio Support
  • Updated


  • Allow 4 decimal points for hourly rate of the additional hours (special rate) added to the payslip.
  • Layout updates to the Payslip calculation window. Here we have made the sections for Leave pay offs and Overtime/Special rate more easily visible.
  • Minor bug fixes.



  • Approval block rounding and improvement of flow. Approving clocked hours for an approval block is now simpler and can be done in one click.
  • Public holidays now showing in the Working Schedule to give a complete overview of the week or month.
  • New feature: Shift Allowances. These currently come in the form of an increase in hourly rate when hours related to a particular shift are clocked and approved. We will be also adding a fixed allowance in the next release.
  • Minor bug fixes related to clockings.
  • We have launched a cloud version of our Device Manager software. The Device Manager allows you to synchronise information between your punch clock devices and also automatically upload clockings directly into Talexio. The new cloud version removes any overheads from maintaining local installations. Reach out to us if you would like more information on this.


Training Management

  • Booked training courses now showing in the Calendar View



  • New setting to allow the checklist to show prior to the start date set. The default setting is to only show the checklist once the Start date is due.



  • Organisational chart can now be filtered by department and even downloaded to pdf! You can also toggle showing position titles from the filters section.
  • Historical Activity now includes a reporting feature. Activity can be filtered by requestor and/or moderator and a report can be exported in pdf
  • Minor bug fixes related to People reports, Leave reports and Leave filters