Multiple Approvers for Leave Requests

Alasdair MacNeill
Alasdair MacNeill
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If your employees require multiple approvals before their requested leave is accepted, you will need to set this up from the Permissions section.


To set up permissions, you will require the Manage Permissions permission (this can only be set on global). To approve leave, you will need the Approve leave permission. For more information on setting up permissions click here. For more information on approving leave, click here.

Setting up Multiple Approvers for Leave Requests

When setting up the Request Leave permission, you can also set an approval quota. To do this, when you are assigning the Request Leave permission, change the number under the Approval Quota field.

1 approval quota means that 1 approval is required for the employee's leave request. An approval quota of 2 means that the requested leave requires the approval of 2 approvers.

Employees who have the permission to request leave set with an approval quota must have the the same number of approvers with the Approve Leave permission over them.

To apply the approval quota, you will need to apply it from the Request Leave permission.

  1. From Permissions, you will need to add/edit the Request Leave permission.
  2. In the permission, you will need to amend the Approval Quota.

    Request Leave.jpg

  3. The permission will indicate that it requires approval from two users:


  4. When Multiple Approvals are set, in the Request section, any leave that already has 1 of the Multiple approvals done and there is still approval pending.

    Approval Request.jpg

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