Approval Blocks

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Alasdair MacNeill
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For employees who do not have a shift set up but still have time logs registered, you will need to set up an Approval Block in order to approve their hours.

An Approval Block is when there is no shift published for the employee on that day but there are time logs available. This means the employee is either on a flexible schedule and gets paid for the hours worked, or the employee has worked overtime.



To make use of this section, you will need the 'Approve Time Clocking' permission.

Approve Individual Approval Blocks

  1. Go to Time & Attendance
  2. Go to the Review & Approve tab and the Standard view
  3. Expand the clockings for the relevant employee
  4. To make locating clockings where an Approval Block is needed, apply the Exception filter "No Matching Shift".
  5. Click the Review button or on the 3 dot burger menu and click the Create Approval Block button on the clockings to be approved.
    Approval Block.jpg

This will show the dialog to allow you to connect the clockings to an Approval Block or an existing shift. To proceed with the Approval Block, click on Create an Approval Block.

Approval Block Dialog.jpg

From this you can proceed with the clocking approval process.


Approve Approval Blocks in bulk

  1. Go to Time & Attendance page
  2. Go to Review & Approve tab and the Standard view
  3. Select the checkbox for the relevant employees
  4. Click the Bulk Actions button and click Bulk Approve
    Bulk Approval Block.jpg

  5. From the Bulk Approval dialog box click on Create Approval Blocks and Proceed
    Bulk Approval Block Dialog.jpg


When approving in bulk, by clicking on the Bulk Actions button, the user has the ability to make changes to all clockings such as :

  • Mark All as Basic - Moves all Overtime hours into the Basic hours 
  • Mark All as Overtime - Moves all Basic Hours into the Overtime hours
  • Clocks out for Break - Turning on the toggle lets the system know that gaps in clockings are because of Unpaid breaks being taken.
  • Clocking Rounding - Applies rounding rules to all clockings.

Bulk Approval Block Dialog 2.jpg


From the Bulk Approval dialog, you can also make changes to individual clockings for approval by clicking on the 3 dot burger menu.

Bulk Approval Block Dialog 3.jpg

If you have the Payroll module enabled, approved clockings can be used in the payslips of employees. For more information, please refer to this article.


Removing an Approval Block

If an Approval Block has been applied incorrectly, it can be removed from the clocking by clicking on the 3 dot burger menu of the clocking and clicking on the Remove Approval Block button.

Remove Approval Block.jpg