Release Notes 20/05/2021

Talexio Support
Talexio Support
  • Updated


  • Notice period calculator added to the employee’s Employment section. 
  • New feature to mark employees as Contracted. This means, allowing you to add contracted employees to your HR software and automatically exclude them from payroll. 
  • Calendar view: 
    • Public holidays  now showing in the main calendar view
    • Your own working schedule (from our T&A module) now also shows in the calendar view.



  • In cases where NI is not calculated on the basic weekly wage, users have the option to base the NI calculation on the Gross Annual Salary and/or additional hours.
  • Minor bug fix in relation to NI calculation of employees on an irregular basis. 
  • Work codes included in the Bulk Edit upload templates for Special rate. 


Time and Attendance

  • Improvement made to Clockings section: 
    • Improvement to the layout of the online punch clock for desktop view. 
    • Added time range so that users can view clockings based on Pay period (for non-monthly payrolls).
  • Optimized performance for Scheduler view, meaning switching views now loads much faster.  
  • The automated punchclock notification email when the clock runs over 10 hours can now be sent to the employee’s personal email address instead of to the work address. 
  • On the generated schedule view, we are now showing the Work Location.
  • During Review & Approve, we are now splitting approval blocks by work code when applicable.
  • Copying shifts - Users can now copy one shift and paste it to multiple days in the same flow.
  • Minor improvements to the date/time columns, for better visibility, in the clockings page.
  • Minor bug fixes to bulk import of shifts, shift date ranges and approved timesheet report.


  • Employees can now see their own ‘Pending approval’ and ‘Pending cancellation’ leave, in the Leave calendar. 


  • New feature: Recurring training sessions. This allows for the scheduling of training sessions to be done faster.
  • Easier way to select the attendees and/or tutors for sessions.
  • Added "Other" levels in the Qualifications section.

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