Different rates on public holidays, weekends, and shifts

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Employees who work on a shift, public holiday, or weekends have the option to be paid at different rates to their standard weekday rate. This applies to both those who work on a shift basis as well as to those employees who do not have time & attendance enabled. 

For those employees who do not have time & attendance enabled*, any day worked on a weekend or public holiday would be charged at a different rate. This will be shown in the payslip as an adjustment. 

* or have T&A enabled, but 'Use approved basic hours in payroll' is unticked and therefore are paid on their basic hours rather than clocked hours.

This feature can be set whilst creating an employee. In the Employment section, go to Overtime & Special rates. There, one can adjust the rates accordingly. 

Setting a rate to 150% means that the employee will earn 1.5 times their basic rate when working on a Public holidays or weekend. Setting a 200% rate means that employee will get paid 2 times their basic rate, and so on. 



You will need the 'View/Manage all employee data' and 'Manage employment position history' or 'Manage employment position history (excluding remuneration)' permission.

Where do I set the rates?


For those employees who have Time & Attendance enabled (and are paid on the approved basic hours), the different rates can be set in shift allowances. This rate will be used for all basic shift hours, not just the extra hours (Over Time) worked. 



To set a rate to apply to an employee only during a shift, select the tick box 'Applies only on shift' in the Overtime & Special rates tab in the employment position: