Release Notes 02/06/2021

  • Updated



  • Change of label in Position history: ‘’Is Manager’’ checkbox changed to ‘’In managerial position’’; 
  • New Time and Attendance category added to the documents upload section
  • Checklist section can be now be filtered for more specific results.



  • Employees can be set to earn a different rate when working on a public holiday or Weekend (also applicable for T&A);
  • Update of the FS5 Report to include Covid Wage Supplement field;
  • Payroll Report column selection feature now available within each specific payroll; 
  • Updates to FS4 wording in line with CFR;
  • Option to generate the FS3 of any terminated employee directly from the Payroll of that month;
  • New Special Rates report can be generated for each payroll. 
  • Tooltip added next to Tax, SSC, Government Bonuses, MLF, Accumulated Leave, and Position History Adjustment amounts to display how they were calculated. 

Time and Attendance

  • Employees can be set to earn different rates if their shift falls on a public holiday or weekend (applies also for employees not on T&A);
  • Configuration Section renamed to Schedule Generator;
  • New search bar in the Schedule Generator so users can search by employee;
  • Columns in the Clockings section can now be sorted; 
  • Option to disable the view of shifts in the Dashboard and Calendar views; 
  • Public Holidays hours calculated on the basis of their fixed shift;
  • Better syncing between online punch clock and clocking in/out from the device or other browser tabs; 
  • The text of clockings are now colour-coded according to their status: 
    • Broken clockings are red;
    • Active clockings are blue;
    • Approved clockings are green.


  • Multiple tutors may be selected for a single scheduled session; 
  • Terminated employees may only be added to past scheduled sessions; 
  • When scheduling sessions, users can now add online training session links if training is going to be held online; 
  • Course Session reports can be downloaded for specific date ranges and include the duration per session, total duration per course, and total cost per course; 
  • Courses Reports now include a column with the duration per session and the total duration in hours per course, as well as the total cost per course. Course can also be filtered by time range.


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