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If you have the permission to approve other employees' leave, it is likely you have received an email each time an employee has requested leave. For more information on how to approve leave, click here


To view and amend your own email notifications, you will need the:

  • Approve Leave permission; and
  • Manage All Employee Data permission.

To view the email notifications of others, you will need the:

  • Manage Permissions permission (set on global); and
  • View Basic Profile permission.

To amend the email notifications of others, you will need the:

  • Manage Permissions permission (set on global);
  • View Basic Profile permission; and
  • Manage All Employee Data. 

For information on permissions, click here

How to View and Amend Email Notifications

A user will receive email approval notifications for each leave request made by an employee for whom the user has the Approve Leave permission. To check which departments and employees a user receives emails for, you will need to follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the user (the approver)'s dashboard (either through the People section or by clicking on Dashboard if you are the approver);
  2. Select the kebab menu icon (the 3 dots) and click on email notifications. This will bring up a window with all the departments and employees within such departments for whom the user can approve leave and receive emails with such requests:

  3. To disable email notifications from any of the units (as a whole) or individual employees, simply uncheck the tick boxes. 
    Please note that when unticking the box next to the unit name, you will be disabling the email notifications for all employees in the unit:


    To disable email notifications for specific employees, you will need to click on the unit name first. This will open up the list of employees within this unit (for whom the user has approve leave permission). You can then untick the relevant employee's names.

  4. Press Save.

It is important to note that the switching off email notifications will not restrict the approver from accessing the requests in the Requests Section. 


To remove someone from receiving requests entirely, you will need to amend their Approve Leave permissions.

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