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Talexio allows you to integrate with Shireburn Indigo for an instant migration of the data.

Obtaining an Indigo API Key

  1. Open your Indigo portal
  2. Go to View profile
  3. Click Create API Key
  4. In the Description add “Talexio” and click Create API Key
  5. Copy the API Key generated and add this to Talexio


Configuring Talexio / Indigo Integration

You can integrate Talexio with your Indigo account by going to the Settings page and clicking on the Integrations tab. Here you will find a section where you can enter your Indigo API key.



Obtaining the Company Code

On your Shireburn Indigo account, go to Administration > Companies and get your Company Code.


Migrating data from Shireburn to Talexio

On Talexio, go to People. Click on Onboarding Assistant and input the company code derived from your Shireburn Indigo account.


There are four types of data that can be migrated:

  1. All employee and position data (this excludes any calculated payroll for the employee on Shireburn)
  2. All approved leave booked on Shireburn
  3. Payslip pdfs generated and saved on Shireburn
  4. FS3 pdfs generated and saved on Shireburn

Please select only the relevant checkbox, and click Migrate.



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