Generating a test file for the bank

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Users may create a test payment file to be sent to the bank. This can be especially useful to new clients who are are asked for a test file by the bank to ensure that the payment will be processed. 


You need to ensure that you have the Manage payroll permission in order to generate a test file.

Company Details

Prior to generating the test file, you need to confirm one thing. From within the Settings sections, click on the Payroll settings tab (you need the Manage Client Settings permission in addition to Manage Payroll), click on Manage Details and scroll down until you see the Reporting heading. 

Here, it is important to add the company's legal name and address, as this information is displayed in (and is important for the success of) the payment file. 

How to generate

To generate a test file:

  1. Go to the Payroll section;
  2. Click on the relevant payroll run;
  3. Click on generate (the payslips must be locked); 


  4. Make sure the relevant company bank account is selected;
  5. Select Generate a Test File;
  6. Then include the test data (it is important to note that IBAN and BIC number must not be fictitious, or the test file will not work);

  7. Click generate. Please note that if the bank file is for BOV, you will be able to insert your Talexio password/2FA code to generate the file. 

What next?

After receiving confirmation from the bank, you will be able to generate a payment file to be processed by the bank. For more information, click here